She sits alone on her bed in the dark, her children softly sleeping next to her and wonders what now??!
What will become of her life?  She fears she is not strong enough to provide for herself and her children.
It is at this point she decides to return to her abusive partner.
This is why More to her Life was created,
to show her how amazing life will be away from abuse and that she has the power to create it
so she never makes that decision.

More to Her Life

Women escaping domestic abuse often have lost their individuality, they have lost touch with themselves. The ability to focus on their own wants and desires have been supressed throughout the relationship. This is years, sometimes decades of suppression.

They have forgotten how to dream of or design a future they would want to live. They are now faced with trying to rebuild their life possibly without even knowing what they want that life to look like.

An unknown future is terrifying for anyone and More to her Life is designed to help women see how amazing life can be away from abuse.

By working in connection with other domestic abuse charities we can ensure their basic human needs are met and they are safe.  It is then time for More to her Life to add the next layer of support and give these women a glimpse of the life they deserve!

Our impact studies explain how More to her Life delivers our support.

How your business can support our vision


By even reading this section and wanting to know how your business can collaborate with More to her Life I already know you are amazing!  Let’s chat!!!

Creating collaborations with More to her Life increases the impact we can have, both for the charity and your business.

More to her Life partners are inspirational people who want to use their platform and success to directly impact the lives of women who have experienced domestic abuse.

You can become a Creative Partner or an Empowerment Partner.

Empowerment Partnerships

Empowerment Partnerships are inspirational people who want to use their platform and success to fund our larger projects

Creative Partnerships

Creative Partners support the work of More to her Life by donating a percentage of their sales to the continual work on an ongoing basis.


There are many ways you may want to raise funds to support our vision.
I look forward to hearing your ideas

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