Empowerment Partnerships

Empowerment Partners use their platform and financial success to fund our larger projects.
More to her Life have ongoing projects which would connect you with other inspirational people also funding the women in this project.

Alternatively we can run a project that we design together and is then delivered on your behalf without any strain on your time or resources.  The project would need to meet our core values and charitable constitution, I am more than happy to discuss any vision you may have.  By collaborating together and discussing your core business values we can create impactful projects which are completely aligned to your business.

You will receive ongoing content to help you communicate the impact your project is having in the lives of women who have experienced domestic abuse.  Impact studies are written for each project and can be dual branded for your project.

The value of showcasing the projects and impact is invaluable for the charity and yourself. 

As an inspirational person with a platform and authority your audience values your opinions and looks to you for guidance. By highlighting the work you are doing not only are you giving the charity visibility but you are also encouraging others to follow your example.
The ripple effect of your support could be huge and help so many more women than just your own financial support.

In turn people with the same core values and visions as you will be attracted to your work and align with you on a much deeper level.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into the More to her Life community.

Registered Charity Number 1191910