Our Impact

More to her Life supports women who have experienced domestic abuse by delivering gifts and experiences designed to show them how amazing life can be away from abuse.
By working in line with other fabulous domestic abuse charities we first ensure they have their basic human needs met such as shelter, food and safety. More to her Life then delivers another level of support.
Our impact showcases how we achieve this.

House to a home

The project supported many women and families by paying for whatever that woman needed to make the house feel like a home for her and her children, whatever that meant to her. 

However, more importantly this project delivered a message loud and clear that she gets to choose what she has in her life, confidence that she can create an environment for herself and her children and the sense of comfort we all need to thrive in life.

Beach Day

“I was able to take my three children to the beach for the very first time, it brought tears to my eyes.  We all had the best time.  We all went in the sea and to the fair and were able to sit and have a nice meal thanks to the extra money we were given.  Thank you for a great day and memories I will cherish forever.”

Boy in inflatable ring having fun


“The trip to the waterpark allowed me and my son a bit of normality and freedom to do what WE wanted to do, without there being an issue and a fight. To see him belly laugh like he did, showed me that we can have a normal life where we can enjoy things and not be scared about what might happen all of the time; thank you so much for arranging it for us!”

More to my life

For More to MY Life book I was joined by 10 inspirational women who each shared their own journey of leaving abusive relationships and how they rebuilt to achieve the incredible lives they have today.  Each chapter starts as they leave their relationships and is an honest insight into how they left abuse behind for good.

For every copy of More to MY Life book sold we gift a copy to a woman living in a domestic abuse refuge. 

Christmas 2020

“More to her Life is helping to give our clients in refuge the real feeling of Christmas back. By providing vouchers for shops, our clients can choose what items they’d like to buy for their family and wrap and give them to them themselves. It reduces the feeling of ‘charity’ and gives ownership of the present process directly to our clients themselves.”

Dash Charity

Birthday club

“AT was delighted with her Birthday cake and presents, it really made her day so special. AT also shared with us that yesterday was the first time in 32 years that she had a Birthday cake and she was so happy to blow out her candles and share it with the other residents in refuge and her friends.

A present and a cake may not feel like much to some but for someone who is away from all their loved ones it really can be, showing them that they are special and cared for. Personally, AT wanted to say, ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful things today. I was so excited to have a cake and am looking forward to taking my daughter to cinema to share my Birthday love”

Fit, Fierce and Free

The moment a woman who has experienced domestic abuse requests something that is completely for herself and something she desires instead of needs, that moment is a huge step in her journey.

It shows she has started to lift her head and look around.  It shows she has started to reconnect with herself.  It shows she actually wants to build a life with her own wants and desires at the heart of it.

This is an exciting time.

year of gratitude

Year of Gratitude

“Year of Gratitude is a great way of both empowering victims and survivors of domestic abuse to reconnect with the people who genuinely care about them. The idea would begin to form a space of trust in equal healthy relationships and also ensure survivors knew that they had and have a community around them that cares deeply for their wellbeing”.

Aurora New Dawn

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