“Domestic abuse will not be the defining moment of your life!

The life you can build away from abuse will be incredible!”

I am incredibly proud to introduce you to some amazingly inspirational women
who have come together to spread this message with More to her Life charity.

More to MY Life book is a collection of their life stories and how they built incredible lives away from abusive relationships.

Every time you purchase a copy of More to MY Life book not only are you buying a truly inspirational and uplifting book for yourself, but we will also gift a copy of this book to a woman living in a domestic abuse refuge. 

Thank you for being part of her healing journey.

I would love to invite you to read the introduction of the gifted version and one of the chapters from the book.

Thanks to our sales on Amazon we will be able to gift copies to women living in domestic abuse refuges.
However there will always be more women who need to read this book. 

To reach more women with inspiration and hope please donate more copies to be sent directly to women living in domestic abuse refuges.

More to MY Life is the start of this message from More to her Life charity. 
Each month we will publish new life stories right here written by incredible women who have also built beautiful lives away from abuse.  

Meet Sally!

Reading these chapters I know you will be thinking “Wow, these women are incredible”

I also want you to think “Wow, I can build an incredible life too”!

I look forward to publishing your own story one day.

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